Junior tennis lessons resume as from Mon 11 Jan 2016

Group adult lessons, all levels, resume as from 11 January 2016

Group tennis lessons resume as from Mon 11 January 2016
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SE Tennis Adult & Junior Tennis Coaching

We believe we have a unique blend of coaching styles that make up our coaching system at SET. This gets the best out of every player in the the most enjoyable way possible! Whatever your ambition, we will match it and help you achieve your goal in Tennis.

By using tablet computers we can video your strokes, analyze them using specified apps and e-mail the results to you to look at when you get home! All this is included in the price of your lesson. You can also see how the pros play by watching slow motion videos and see that we are teaching you to do exactly the same things as them!

Our small coach-pupil ratios guarantee a quality session! You'll have such fun and be amazed at your progress. 

Check out our weekly programmes at all of our venues. To book a lesson or discuss further contact Julian Squiers, Head Coach & Manager on 07974 815 387 or email: enquiries@se-tennis.co.uk.