ADULT COACHING - Individual and small groups now available
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Holiday camps from 7 April 2021
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Junior Elite programmes.
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Private Tuition

  • Private tuition may be taken by anyone at any time
  • You arrange your own lesson at a mutually acceptable time for you and your coach
  • Private coaching can be just for you, or for you and up to 3 of your chosen friends
  • You may wish to dictate how the lesson proceeds or the content of the lesson, although it is usual that the coach will advise the best way forward for you and your private group
  • Once you have set a time for your lesson, we will always do our best to allow you to hold onto this same convenient time each week
  • You may take as many lessons as you wish
  • We also want to stress that this is the Fastest way to improve your game!!
  • Payment can be either 'Pay As You Go' or by our discounted 'Block Booking' option. 
  • For further information or to arrange a private lesson please